Guarding your reputation
The next-gen social listening for smarter, futuristic brands
Deeper. Closer. Sharper.
Negative is a broad word. Go deeper.
Conversations are all over. Go closer.
Fraudsters are on a rise. Go sharper.
UnFound's mini search engine is on a continuous search to help you monitor customer conversations and alerting you of any growing perception that is critical to the brand's positioning. The search, bolstered by natural language understanding and natural language processing, works almost on a real-time basis. The Machine Learning techniques help us detect better every time.
All the reputation damaging content identified by UnFound's search engine is smartly analyzed to help you develop an action plan.
We provide dashboards for brands to understand the outcome of detection and analysis. This can also be exported in the form of reports for a customized dashboard as well.
Use Cases
Deeper social media monitoring
Only knowing positive and negative sentiments isn't enough. Go deeper. Is your brand still perceived as what you really want your customers to perceive?
Know your customers' problems
What types of problems my users are facing with respect to my brands - poor quality service, damaged product, etc? Can I know analytics around it?
Offensive content Detection
Are there any offensive content damaging my followers' social media experience and my reputation?
Fight Impersonation
Has someone impersonated my key employee or my social media brand accounts? How do I take action against them?
Online scam detection
Is someone duping my consumers with phishing links in my brands' name? How can I prevent my users from being subject to such problems? Can I take actions against perpetrators?
Removing Counterfeits
Is a fake product or a knock off being sold using my brands' name? Can I get alerted? Can I remove those products?
Case Studies
See how UnFound helped companies safeguard their reputation.
Removing Counterfeits
Find out how a designer coffee mug brand protected its online revenue loss
Online Scam Detection
Find out how customers of a leading detergent brand were being duped of
Removing Counterfeits
Find out how a leading watch brand got back its consumers’ trust
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Safeguarding your online revenue
Case Studies
Fakes, a designer’s nightmare
Online Scams, consumers trust lost
Counterfeits, that heavy legal fees
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